Medium Raw Black Tourmaline

Medium Raw Black Tourmaline

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Black Tourmaline is recognised as the premier protection stone. It has the ability to turn negative energy into positive energy, is very grounding, cleanses the aura and repels electromagnetic pollution. It has a constant clearing effect on the Chakras, believed to be related to the faint electrical charge it gives off, especially when rubbed.

This is a definite must have crystal for those that have psychic abilities, are in any type of healing profession or work in any type of supernatural field. Because of its protective, purifying and grounding nature, this is one stone we have with us always.

For house clearings, along with smudging, use black tourmaline along to keep any and all negativity out of your home. One of the best protection stones for ritual and spell work.


One chosen at random, shape and size will vary due to the natural nature of the crystals.