Raw Rainbow Moonstone Tealight  Holder C

Raw Rainbow Moonstone Tealight Holder C

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Rainbow moonstone is known as the prism stone; it contains the entire rainbow within it, and holds the energy of all seven rays of prismatic light. Every piece of rainbow moonstone is unique, differently colored, and filled with great vitality. The brilliance of this stone reflects your life force, igniting your inner light.
Rainbow moonstone brings joyful energy, diffusing harmony and happiness throughout the aura. It is also a powerful emotional healing gem, clearing traumas and offering positive protection. It carries inner peace, keeping our energies, senses, and minds clear and open.
Keeping this stone on your altar will help you hold sacred space with confidence. Recharge yours at every full moon by setting it outside under full moonlight. Rainbow moonstone develops a relationship with its owner, so the piece you receive will truly be yours forever. Place it anywhere in your space you wish to bring joy and peace.